Finish By Design is a family owned and operated business. The owner, Jeff Neill,
has been developing his craft for over 25 years.

Note from the owner:

    “When it comes right down to it, I love doing this type of work. I enjoy visiting  my clients
    homes and listening to them reminisce about all their treasures and family keep sakes.
    My favorite projects have to be re-purposing old junk into a new treasure. I needed pantry
    storage for my home. So I took an old fence and made cabinets. I have a bookcase that I
    made from an old grand piano. Desks from sewing machines, mirrors from old piano
    parts,  I think you get the idea. The smallest piece I have worked on was a tiny rocker for
    a doll. The client brought in a box of pieces and I reassembled the project. My oldest
    piece was a trunk with a metal stamp on the inside from 1818. It was made from pine
    with each side dovetailed, assembled using square nails and steel brads. The most
    challenging projects of course are grand pianos. The process requires patience and the
    goal is perfection. One of the most rewarding experiences was a tearful hug from a
    grandmother who had waited and saved for years to have a table restored. She just
    grabbed me and squeezed, it was a very emotional moment for me as well. The majority
    of my clients are retirement age. They value passing their furniture to the next generation.
    So I do my best! I have worked with my hands all of my life. I started as an apprentice
    learning to tape, texture, and spray paint. Next, I started working with stains and finishes
    applied to new construction mill work. I have worked with designers in developing a line
    of custom cabinetry specifically tailored to home theater. I enjoy the challenge of
    developing new techniques in faux finishing and have combined all the finishing, fixing
    and craftsmanship learned in my lifetime into one business: Finish By Design.